'My Happy Place' - Marie Willumsen

Marie Willumsen is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Copenhagen. Her stunning work is inspired by the minimalistic graphical expressions from Japan and the colours and light from Scandinavia. We can often be found spending hours lost in her works so we are completely honoured to have an original artwork from Marie Willumsen in our 'My Happy Place' Art Exhibition in support of the Dandelion Support Network...

We caught up with Marie to find out more about her creative processes and what inspired this gorgeous piece she has created for this important cause...
What inspires you?
To travel and look at art inspires me a lot in my work. But what inspires me mostly is contrasts. Contrasts between soft and hard, sharp and round, ugly and pretty. An illustration should always be build up by contrasts - no matter how simple it is. To look at colour combinations also inspires me a lot. That goes in fashion, architecture, decorating and art. It can make me high to see two colours together with just the right colour combination!

How did you develop your signature style?
I’ve always had a weakness for humour, cuteness and graphic tightness in illustrations. So I guess that became my signature style. My style has been the same since I was a kid, but I had a lot of time to develop it while I went to the Danish Design School.

What do you love most about being an artist?
I love the freedom in the job. I have two kids and it’s important for me to have a flexible job so I can be with them the most, while they are little. The art and my firm gives me that. But I also love the fact that I can be creative (almost) every day at work. What a luxury!

What do fine most rewarding about using your art for a good cause?
Working with pretty things can seem a little shallow at times. Do the world REALLY need a new print for children rooms? So it’s important for me to support a good cause when I can. And to help with my work, is such a gift.

What was your favourite thing to do as a kid?
My favourite thing was to draw. It stands as a very clear memory for me. When I drew I was in my own world and I had the feeling I could create anything I wanted. To draw was my times iPad. If my parents took me places they could just sit me in a corner with markers and paper and I could draw for hours.

I remember once I asked one of my dads artist friends: “What shall I draw?” and he said: “I want you to draw a giraffe with a TV on its head” I thought it was so weird and so awesome, so I did!

What is your 'happy place’?
My happy place is my tiny little office in Copenhagen. It is MY room, with all my things I love. Things that inspire me, books I love, pictures of my kids, illustrations I’ve made over the years, etc. Everybody should have a room of their own with their own stuff. It’s not fancy, but it’s so me. I love being there.

To see more of Marie's gorgeous work head over to her website.

To get your hands on her amazing print (as seen above in the hero image) created exclusively for the show head along to One Fine Baby Sydney from 14-15 November or head over to The Gathered Store.