Welcome to Candyland

The great mind behind Pip & Pop, Tanya Schultz, spends her days living like a modern day Willy Wonka. She transports us to a world of rolling sugared hills and candy mountains, where brightly coloured neon balls grow from the sweet earth and turrets of dyed sugar glisten on the horizon...

Pip & Pop's magical installations are meticulously crafted, created in a similar manner to Buddist Sand Mandalas. Drawing on a rich history of myth, folk tales, and children's literature, Schultz transports her audience to another place entirely. "I’m fascinated with the idea of paradise and wish-fulfillment as told through folk-tales, mythologies, childrens stories, video games and cinema.”

Using materials such as sugar, glitter, sweets, and plastic flowers to create her brightly coloured pieces, she dutifully sticks to her own mantra of "more is more".

“The installation works are like joyful wonderlands filled with exquisite detail and fantastical surprises. Created over a period of a couple of weeks in the gallery, they are filled with tiny objects (made in the studio beforehand), patterns made from pouring coloured sugar, and allsorts of things I find on my travels.

Pip & Pop has exhibited all over the world, and recently collaborated with Australian fashion label Romance Was Born for their Spring/Summer 2013 collection, "Mushroom Magic".

Working with Schultz's they created not only candy coloured prints, but a glittering sugared landscape for their runway show to take place. The outcome was stunning beyond belief, a dreamland filled with sugar pop princesses gliding through a life sized candyland.

So step inside the wonderful world of Pip & Pop, and get lost in a sugary wonderland that will leave you giddy at the knees. Don't forget to pack your tooth brush...

13 Jun 2013