My Little Milestones

There is nothing more precious and worth celebrating than welcoming a new little bub into this world. And there is no better way to capture all of those special moments than with a beautiful set of milestone cards from My Little Milestones...

Whilst waiting for the birth of her son Archer, wife, mumma, and graphic designer Elyse Middleton was on the hunt to find the perfect way to document the first year of her sons life.

"I was on the lookout for some milestone cards to capture all the precious moments of his first year which I knew were just going to fly by. As a lover of all things modern, minimalist and monochrome I wasn't able to find anything that really excited me in the sea of pastels, animals and predictable cutesy design."

It was after being placed on bed rest following a threatened pre-term labour, that this became Elyse's project. Creating the perfect milestone cards that she would get excited about using. "I later realised there were other mothers out there who were looking for the same thing and so My Little was born."

Packaged in a beautiful drawstring bag each set is made up of 31 cards covering all of the important milestones such as 'Today I am 1 day old', 'Today I giggled for the first time' and the all important 'Today I said my first word'.

The other thing that we find so special about My Little Milestone Cards is that on the back of each card there is room for you to jot down the finer details of your little ones milestones.

Making these not only a wonderful gift for new and expectant mothers but also beautiful lasting keepsake for years to come. Head over to their website to check out the beautiful range.

22 Oct 2015