Little Mister Gift Guide

1. Nicholas Bear Cub from Hazel Village. 2. Kawan the Duck Bath Toy from Hevea. 3. Mini Cymbals from Baby Noise. 4. Grey Drum from Kids Concept. 5. Raindrop Musical Mobile from OYOY. 6. William and the Night Carousel Limited Edition Prints from Mrs Mighetto. 7. Bunny Tee from Aster & Oak. 8. Eco-Friendly Panda Ball from Ratatam. 9. Colour In Wooden Crocodile from Donkey Products. 10. Natural Sunscreen from Frankie Apothecary. 11. Evan the Rabbit Toy from Zoo Modern. 12. Denim Back Pack from Bobo Choses. 13. Charcoal Bloomer from Minouche. 14. Grey Mouse Menorca Sandal from Pretty Brave. 15. Wooden Sitting Rabbit from Nature Baby. 16. Blue Piki Basket from Olli Ella. 17. Pull Along Wooden Dog with Drum from Sarah & Bendrix Kids.

30 Nov 2017
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Baby Quoddle - All Natural Baby Bottle!

Have you been on the hunt for a bottle that your baby will not only love but is good for them too? Introducing the Baby Quoddle - the all natural baby bottle! This beautiful bottle is completely plastic free, with an easy to attach pure hevea rubber teat that is free from hardening agents and any harmful chemical compounds, and is perfectly shaped for composite or bottle feeding...

The team at Baby Quoddle have travelled the world to find the best manufacturers to develop each individual component. Designed and engineered in Cairns Australia the Baby Quoddle is made from hand blown borosilicate glass. They are dishwasher-safe and thermal shock resistant, meaning it can withstand heating, cooling and is microwave safe. All components are free of BPA, polycarbonates, phthalates and PVC. And on top of all that they look gorgeous too!

To get your hands on one of these beautiful bottles head over to The Gathered Store, one of Baby Quoddles exclusive stockists.

Image credits: @baby_quoddle_, @traceyatkin and @thestyledfiles.

11 Sep 2017

Get the Glow with Belle & Fleurelle

We have fallen in love with the gorgeous new skincare range from Belle & Fleurelle. Born out of a desire to create an effective and luxurious organic skincare brand, Belle & Fleurelle's founder Rebecca Tatarczyk worked with a team of specialists to develop a range which is not only effective, but also stunningly beautiful...

The range not only covers a lovely face cream and body lotion for children and babies, but a beautiful range of products for women as well. And we all know that being a mama is hard work so it is nice to be able to pamper yourself at the end of a long day... or night...

Made from natural and renewable raw materials each product is packed with lots of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids perfect for protecting your little ones delicate skin. The high-quality substances stimulate the skin’s metabolism letting the skin breathe freely, and help to protect it from external influences. Happy skin = happy little bubbas.

Then something for the mummas... the gorgeous Belle & Fleurelle range for women works in harmony with the skin‘s natural functions, perfect for working while you catch up on those much needed zzZZzzz's. The combination of 100% natural ingredients revitalize and strengthen the skin, its protective function is supported, and cell activity promoted. That certainly sounds good to us!

And if all those lovely certified organic goodies packed into every jar aren't enough to get you excited... the beautifully designed packaging will! Environmentally safe and 100% recyclable the gorgeous bottle not only looks great but will ensure the product stays fresh until the very last drop. To shop this gorgeous range head over to the Belle & Fleurelle website.

20 Mar 2017
For Mum

Rainbow Gift Guide

We are getting pretty excited about Christmas here at Little Gatherer!!! So we have filled our store - 'The Gathered Store' with an array of goodies for your minis. Here we have pulled together a Rainbow inspired gift guide for all those lovers of colour...
1. Scented Mini Markers. 2. Nailmatics Kids Nail Polish. 3. Linen Elephant Placemat - Pink. 4. Gold Dream Catcher Mobile. 5. Bear Placemat in Powder Pink. 6. Mini Bear Headband. 7. Meri Meri Temporary Tattoos. 8. Needle & I Ice Cream Softie. 9. Pop Ya Tot Baby Clip in Pink/White Spot. 10. Pretty Brave Espadrille on Soft Pink with a Glitter Toe. 11. Kiko+ Tanabata Star Dominoes. 12. Oh No, George! by Chris Haughton.
Head over to the store to see more of our wonderful gift ideas. x

04 Dec 2016
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Fall in Love with Friday's Child

The new gift range from Friday's Child is absolutely gorgeous! Working with small companies and artistans, Friday's Child creates the sort of unique baby gifts that will not only delight the little ones in your life, but will also become special keepsakes for years to come...

"We aim to create well-made, original newborn baby gifts that have lasting value. We believe old fashioned craftmanship & good design make for the kinds of things you’ll want to give as gifts & that's what we seek out."

The new range of boutique baby hampers are perfect for unique baby showers gifts. Full of thoughtfully considered items not only the new bub but a special something for the lovely mumma to be as well. Head over to the Friday's Child website to fall in love with the whole range.

24 Nov 2016
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Say Hello to Obi Kinomi

Becoming a parent doesn't mean you have to loose your cool... and this amazing range of baby and weekender bags from Obi Kinomi will certainly ensure that you don't. This gorgeous range will slip seamlessly into your everyday life with a baby in tow, while at the same time have you looking effortlessly awesome...

Focussing on the every-day, Obi Kinomi creates lifestyle products that exude life’s essential beauty. "With that uniquely Australian relaxed aesthetic - we deliver luxe clean-lined design, with functional styling, and punchy chromatic matrimony. We live in the present, showing respect for our universe and tomorrow."

Using natural materials wherever possible Obi Kinomi creates their bags with love. Working on a non-mass scale they ensure that each item is made thoughtfully using fair trade and ethical practices.

Simplistic in design, Obi Kinomi bags have all the features you need but without the fuss. Made from canvas with leather details and premium metal hardware they are durable and hard wearing, perfect for standing up to grubby little hands. Each bag also comes with a baby change mat in matching coloured canvas so you little one can have their bootie changed in style.

Available in two sizes, 'The Essential Baby Bag' and the 'The Baby Weekender', there is something for every occasion. There is also a super cool little 'Mess Bag' perfect for carrying around snacks or other essential goodies.

Head over to Obi Kinomi's website to fall in love with the whole range.

18 Oct 2016
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The Bag's Got Swag

Nappies, cloths, wipes, creams, snacks, water, spare clothes, toys, a hat, a change mat, water, phone, keys,… the list goes on. Being a mum requires a bag that only Mary Poppins could endorse. And we think we’ve found it...

Introducing the One Duo +1 Diaper bag. It not only looks stylish (my non-mummy friends are always complimenting me on it!), it is also capable of carrying all of the above and some.

The bag is made of super durable cotton canvas with a liquid repellent PU coating. Making it tough enough to withstand water spills, projectile vomit and of course the occasional ill-aimed pee (if you have a boy like me).

It comes with a change mat and two clips to connect it to your pram. You can whack it over your shoulder or turn it into a oh-so-on-trend-darling backpack.

Before having a bub I was convinced I didn’t need a nappy bag. Then I quickly realized being a packhorse, a good bag is essential. But then I couldn’t find one that I liked the look of, so I was absolutely delighted to discover the beautiful specimens from One Duo.

The bags hail all the way from Isreal and are available to purchase from the One Duo Etsy Store.

25 Sep 2016
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The Amazing Tale Of Mama Maya

Every two minutes one woman dies of complications related to pregnancy of childbirth, with 99% of these deaths occurring in developing countries. Mama Maya founder, Robyn Jones, has a beautiful story…she supports women. With every Baby Blanket purchased, Mama Maya funds clean birthing kits and caregiver training via a partnership with the Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) to ensure that at least one other mama can access a cleaner and safer birth...

‘The purity of birth and a new baby represents so much opportunity to do something to make the world a better place.’ - Robyn Jones

When Robyn was giving birth to Hugo, the umbilical cord was looped around his neck. It’s really quite common, and her OB and midwife worked to get him out as quickly as possible and give him oxygen. Not long after, she heard about the work of the Birthing Kit Foundation Australia (BKFA) – providing clean birthing kits to women in remote areas of the world. 350,000 babies are born every day; in Australia, 6 in 100,000 people die each year in pregnancy or childbirth, but in a country like Uganda, it’s 1 in 16.

‘I wanted to do something to increase awareness of these statistics, and also contribute to reducing the rate of mother and baby morbidity and mortality. I’ve always wanted to have my own business, and after a 15-year career in media and advertising, I launched Mama Maya. By taking something that every parent of babies owns multiples of – a simple muslin wrap – I built a one-for-one model around it, with a focus on stylish, timeless design, sustainability and philanthropy.’ Through a partnership with the BKFA, Robyn funds birthing kits and caregiver training to local organisations in over 20 countries – and can guarantee that for every purchase at least one woman will have access to a safer birth.

For every Mama Maya wrap purchased, the Birthing Kit Foundation Australian (BKFA) provides a safe birth for a mother in a developing country. Birthing Kits contain six items – a plastic sheet, gauze, gloves, soap, a sterile scalpel blade, and some string to tie off the umbilical cord. The items in this kit are so basic, but they are essential in enabling a mother to deliver her baby in a safer, cleaner environment, significantly reducing the chances of infection. I’ve even been told of women bringing their kits to birthing clinics, because the facilities are so basic and unsanitary!

BKFA Birthing Kits are assembled by volunteers in Australia, and distributed to over 30 organisations in around 20 countries. They are then given to women living in remote areas with limited or no access to birthing support. BKFA also fund local community programs to train birth attendants and community health workers, empowering women through education.

What is better than buying a great quality product for your little one while at the same time helping others to be delivered safely around the world? Show your support for this great cause by visiting the Mama Maya website.

27 Aug 2016
mama maya

Follow the Leader

Finding the perfect diaper bag is like trying to find the perfect shoe... It needs to tick all the boxes of functionality while at the same time being durable and easy to use. And it certainly helps if it looks cool slung over your shoulder or hanging off the back of the pram. So when we came across Leader Bag Co we were delighted to see that this diaper bag is the perfect side kick for a new a bub...

Designed with the whole family in mind, Leader Bag Co Diaper Bag Backpacks are perfect for every adventure – strolling, shopping or hiking, this bag can go anywhere! Made from durable canvas and leather it is equipped with everything your family needs for daily outings. Easy access front and side pockets, interior mesh compartments for organisation, and a matching change-kit keep everything close at hand - and your hands free!

With the belief that good design should improve everyday life for everyone, Leader Bag Co has designed a diaper bag to give you the right mix of style and function. Manufactured in the USA each bag is made from a water-resistant canvas and features timeless durable details such as leather trim and rose gold-plated hardware.

It has everything you could possibly need will be well-organised and will also grow as your baby does! It suits mum and dad beautifully with a simple aesthetic and utilitarian design, delivering practical use beyond diapers: from travel, to overnights, to the first day of school. Head over to the Leader Bag Co website to get one of your very own.

11 Jul 2016
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We Might Be Tiny

Dinner time has never looked so cute thanks to these adorable placements from We Might Be Tiny. Slip them under even the shakiest of spoons and you will save your prized table top from mountains of mush and other squishy remnants from dinner time...

Available in a range of shapes and colours, the entire range is made with silicone making them incredibly non-slip, durable and dinner-dual ready. We've even got one for our cuddly pooch!

We Might Be Tiny placemats are available for sale now over on The Gathered Store .

29 Jun 2016