Sleeping on a Cloud

We have fallen hard for the Baby Björn Travel Cot Light. Not only is it beautifully designed it is also beyond easy to use! Compact and light it makes travelling with baby a dream...

With breathable mesh sides and an extra soft mattress that easily secures to the base this cot is not only safe but also incredibly comfortable. On our last trip away I almost climbed in myself...

But our absolute favourite thing about the Baby Björn Travel Cot Light is how easy it is to use. You can pop it up in a matter of minutes and then it packs down into a light and compact bag that makes it so easy to travel with.

Get your own at The Pharmacy. The hard choice will be picking your favourite colour...

23 May 2016

Say Hello to Birdling Bags...

Gone are the days when we would grab our keys, throw a few things in a bag and head off to the coast for a few nights. With a lovely little one in tow we now find ourselves packing pretty much everything we own... sometimes even the kitchen sink! And we find nothing more stressful than travelling with what eventually becomes a jumbled mess... which is exactly why we have fallen in love with Birdling Bags!

Made in America, the beautiful range of Birdling Bags combine style and function to provide you with a travel companion that will last a lifetime. Ranging from 'The Weekender', to 'The Overnighter', to 'The Day Tripper', Birdling Bags have you covered no matter where you are going or what adventure you are about embark on.

Created by friends Courtney & Meagan, Birdling Bags came to light after Courtney attempted to pack for her first weekend away with a newborn. "A weekend away with a child is hard enough, but my unorganised bag made it almost impossible. What started as a neatly packed tote, ended with a jumbled mess— bottles were swaddled, binkies were sucked into an abyss and diapers were covering the butt paste. Feeling frustrated, I knew that there had be a better way to keep stuff organised in a bag! A few nights later, during a bout of newborn sleep deprivation, the idea for a compartmentalised bag flew into my mind and Birdling was hatched!"

So together Meagan and Courtney embarked on creating the perfect range of bags for every type of getaway. Whether you are heading out on everyday outings or off an a week long adventure, a Birdling bag not only keeps your sanity in tact but it also looks great! Their hope is that with a birdling by your side you can venture from the nest often and a very stylish bag in tow.

And if you want to retain the same sort of organisation around the house Birdling Bags has also launched a wonderful range of Lil’ Birdling Bins. Perfect for storing pretty much anything these will become a life saver around the house.

Head over to the Birdling Bags website to read more about this wonderful brand and we are sure you will fall in love with this range as much as we have.

Beautiful images courtesy of Natalie Chitwood.

01 Apr 2016

WIN a convertible Plyroom AVA COT!

The ingenious Ava convertible from Plyroom is wait for it….a cot, junior bed and desk all in one! It is designed to be used from the moment the stork delivers your newborn to your door, right through to their teenage years when they are solving math’s problems and telling creative tales.

This amazing prize is valued at AUD$1595. See below for entry details...

Please read our Terms & Conditions before downloading, thanks!

Meticulous attention has been paid in designing this cot to meet the needs of design-conscious parents and children alike. From its sleek contemporary design and the strength of its solid (and super smooth to touch) construction, to the fact that you don’t need any tools (aside from a humble hammer) to put it together, the Ava is full of added features you would never expect.


· Adjustable mattress height for newborns and older babiesOrganically shaped peepholes for visibility and security

· Low to the ground, perfect for baby feeling safe and secure whilst offering a comfortable height for parents putting little ones down

· Transforms into a junior bed without the additional expense or pieces of a conversion kit

· Transforms into a desk with a clean, modern design, suitable for adults and children alike

· Designed and made in Italy entirely from sustainably forested European Birch ply.

· Lovingly finished by hand with 100% non-toxic materials and finishes.

· The Ava is certified to Australian and New Zealand safety standards.

Enter to WIN this amazing product in two simple steps:

FIRST: In the comments section below, tell us in 25 words or less what your favourite lulluabye is and why! (Please use your full name).

SECOND: Sign up for our fortnightly newsletter using the panel at the top right of this website, if you haven't already! (This is how we will contact the winner).

BONUS ENTRIES: During the competition period keep a close eye on Facebook and Instagram as we will be detailing two additional ways to secure two bonus entries.

This giveaway is open to Australian residents ONLY and will run for three weeks, closing on Sunday 16th August. Plyroom will ship the prize directly to the winner anywhere in Australia.

10 Aug 2015

Play Bar

We can't think of a better afternoon hangout than under this beautifully designed and perfectly entertaining Play Bar from Bella Buttercup. After a full year of design and development this gorgeous nursery staple is a long time in the making. And this highly anticipated product has delivered beyond our wildest expectations...

The Scandinavian inspired look is much easier on the eye than the typical activity mat, meaning you don't need to hide it away when your guests arrive. The natural wood elements and soft colour tones look great together, and the sturdy mat means it works just as well outside as inside.

But it's not just about us. Each Play Bar comes with eight toys; four wood and four silicone, which your bebe will love too. Each as been cleverly crafted to amuse, educate and entertain little minds. The textural elements and use of colour will help your baby learn and develop through different senses such as touch and sight.

These bad boys are in HIGH demand, so head over to Bella Buttercup to find out how to get your hands on one.

10 Jul 2015
play mat

We all scream for Ice Cream

There's no party like a pastel party and the gorgeous new range from Baby Björn looks good enough to eat...

Available in Australia from The Pharmacy, the bright pastel colours in this fun Ice Cream Collection are inspired by fun-filled summer days and the delicious coolness of ice creams on a hot day.

Their much loved BabyBjörn Bouncer Balance Soft and their BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One come in four summery flavours both big and small ice cream lovers will find irresistible.

This limited edition collection will be available in selected stores from late July 2015 and is available in Pear, Strawberry, Blackberry, Blue and Mint.

29 Jun 2015

Little Nest

Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop. When the wind blows, the cradle will rock… We might actually stop right there as the lyrics of that nursery rhyme takes a pretty dark turn after this point (what gives?). But one cradle we’d like to rock to sleep to in, with absolutely no fear of falling, is the delectable Little Nest Felt Cradle from O-bjekt Designs...

Handcrafted by master hatter László Girardi, the Little Nest Cradle is made from of one single piece of gorgeous Merino wool felt, which hugs snuggly around your bub as they rest. The cradle is suspended with geometric excellence. One single point of suspension (via some dashing leather straps) means your baby will calmly sway in a manner very similar to what they experienced in the womb.

Inspired by those frustrating nights of restless sleep, the team from O-bjekt Designs are striving to create the most natural conditions for sleeping. We haven’t tested this marvellous creation, however we have high hopes that it works as good as it looks.

Visit the O-bjekt Designs website for more information.

26 Jun 2015

Get running with Bugaboo!

Just you, the open road and a quiet and calm little bubba. There is no denying a run is good for us all. It clears the mind, gets the juices flowing and gives bub a healthy dose of fresh air. We find the difficult part is finding the time to slip out and partake in what seems like such a luxury during our hectic toddler-chasing days. But if you have the right equipment, it makes it so much easier because you bring your little one along with you…the perfect cheer squad!

The new Bugaboo Runner is a separate chassis designed purely for running. The best part is, it works with the Bugaboo model you already own. Just click your seat on the Bugaboo Runner and you’re ready to go.

Bub can face you and give you motivational pep talks and smiles, or out into the world and watch all the passers by whiz by. It is completely modular so you can click on any of your favourite accessories and also comes with a steady front wheel and sporty suspension making it a smooth ride for all.

The Bugaboo Runner quickly unfolds and folds in to its compact form making it perfect for storing at home or taking along in your car, to explore new parks and paths.

The new Bugaboo Runner works as an accessory for the Bugaboo Bee (2010 model and onwards), Bugaboo Cameleon3, Bugaboo Buffalo and Bugaboo Donkey, the Bugaboo Runner can also be purchased as a complete jogging stroller with a separate Bugaboo Runner seat.

Now the only question that begs is what trail shall we explore today?

Head to the Bugaboo website to find out more.

22 Jun 2015

Into the Wild with Plyroom

As we trek off into the wilderness this week on Little Gatherer, it is important that we stop and smell the roses every so often. And when we say stop, we really mean lie down, snuggle up and let our heavy eyelids hike on yonder to Snoozeville. After two week’s of ‘being at one with nature’, we can’t think of a better place to rest our weary heads than in a beautiful bed from Plyroom...

Plyroom is a highly functional, versatile and sustainable furniture range founded by the very clever Elise Heslop from Melbourne. Inspired by a year spent living in northern Italy (you had us at hello), the beautiful aesthetic of the brand is driven by an inspiring design ethos of taking pleasure from the simple things:

‘The idea was to take hardly anything with us and live more simply…the idea for sustainably made, multipurpose furniture for small spaces came shortly after.’ explains Elise.

The Plyroom range includes beautiful pieces of furniture and accessories for living, dining, working and children’s bedroom and play spaces. Each piece is designed with simplicity, functionality and beauty in mind. The long, clean lines combined with the absolutely smooth-to-touch quality finish of the gorgeous blond plywood is a match made in heaven.

But it’s not only about the looks, we always hold form and function dear to our hearts here at Little Gatherer too…and that is precisely why we love Plyroom so much.

Plyroom’s products are made from responsibly forested materials and are ingeniously designed to convert and adapt as your babe turns into a big kid. The Ava Cot + Junior Bed + Desk (featured) is exactly what it’s name suggest, a clever convertible design that allows you to get years of use and enjoyment out of the one product. Smart!

“Plywood is my favourite material, I love that it has a light visual footprint but is surprisingly strong” says Elise. It is this strength of material, beautiful finishing and timeless design that allows each piece to live on as a beautiful piece of furniture in your home for years to come.

We love the full range from Plyroom and think you will too. Head over to their website to check out more gorgeous pieces - from change stations, shelves and drawers to bunk beds, coffee tables and storage seats there is something to help you live a little bit smarter in every room of your own home.

31 May 2015

WIN a Joolz Geo!!!

The very lucky winner of the Joolz Geo is Perri Nuto! "First stop Wagga Wagga to meet great gran Alice, then off to Tokyo for an early education in Kareoke..." aww can we come too? After contacting Perri she sent back a gorgeous photo of great gran alice and her sweet little boy who we bet can't wait for a cuddle. A massive congrats Perri, we know you will enjoy your fabulous prize x

The Joolz Geo is the latest addition to the already very successful Joolz range and has been designed to grow with your family, expanding and adapting along with your needs.

The Joolz Geo has also just won the internationally-recognised Red Dot Design Award for innovative product design. The international jury selected the Joolz Geo as the best design in its category and awarded it the prestigious title 'Best of the Best'.

Enter to WIN this great pram in two simple steps:

FIRST: In the comments section below, tell us in 25 words or less what adventure you would take your new Joolz pram on if you won! (Please use your full name).

SECOND: Sign up for our fortnightly newsletter using the panel at the top right of this website, if you haven't already! (This is how we will contact the winner).

This giveaway is open to Australian residents ONLY and will run for three weeks, closing on Sunday 17th May. Winner gets to select the colour of their Joolz Geo Mono pram and Joolz Australia will ship the prize directly to the winner anywhere in Australia.

17 May 2015

Dream A Little Dream

Stars shining bright above you, Night breezes seem to whisper "I love you", Birds singing in the sycamore trees, Dream a little dream of me. Yes these glorious lyrics from Ella Fitzgerald sum up the perfect whimsical vibe of these beautiful dream catchers from Bisou de Lou...

Handmade from combination of wood, fabric and rope these special creations make for the perfect gift for a special little someone.

Bisou de Lou stands for high-quality, handmade interior objects with high fun factor. Every item in their range is stylish, playful and made from luxurious products that not only look beautiful, but feel good too.

These gorgeous dream catchers are available to purchase right now in The Gathered Store. Grab yours in Snow, Stone, Mint or Black and hang it high to keep the good dreams in and the bad ones out.

15 May 2015