Little Poems About Big Feelings

What a wonderful world it would be if we could treat our emotions more like friends and less like enemies that we can't control... if we could feel at ease knowing that we can feel what we are feeling and know that it is not only ok but that we can also play a part in changing that feeling into another feeling altogether. 'Feel A Little' is a beautiful new book created by Jenny Palmer and Evie Kemp, and it sure to become a perfect sidekick for your little one getting to know their feelings and explaining how they feel...

What began as an online project quickly turned into something more as each emotion grew into a wonderful poem with a matching illustration. And so 'Feel A Little' was born, a bright and colourful book encouraging a stronger understanding of emotions from an early age.

Teaming up with 'Little Love' to publish this heartfelt project into a bright, beautiful hardback book, your little one is sure to enjoy meeting the many colourful emotions that live between its pages. And you can join the fun by heading on over to their Kick Starter Campaign to help bring this beautiful book to life!

"Feel A Little isn't JUST a super cute book, it's a whole toolbox for starting conversations about emotions from a young age." Show your support by getting behind this amazing book and getting your hands on a very special first edition hot off the press!