Very French Gangsters

When it comes to sunglasses for kids, look no further than French brand Very French Gangsters...

Featuring a collection of cheekily named styles like “Very Boss”, “Very Bomb” and “Very Swag” the new range titled ‘By The Way’, is as the gangsters would say, dope-as bruh. Some of these styles are seriously cool, we are secretly sad they wont fit on our giant adult faces.

It is the brand’s third collection and as usual features strong and lightweight frames that are flexible and comfy enough for the most testing of toddlers. Every pair also features lenses that block blue light and offer 100% UV protection. Word.

Paris-based eyewear addicts Anne Masanet and Karoline Bothorel-Bolzinger teamed up and used their combined experiences in the fashion industry to create a suite of amazing glasses to fit smaller faces, all the while managing to preserve the playful spirit of little people.

For more information and details on where to purchase visit the Very French Gangsters website.

All images are courtesy of Very French Gangsters and from photographer Sophie Le Gendre Rozenbaum.