A Gem of a Room

1. Pink Aztec print from Jumbled. 2. Wooden puzzle from Timber Green Woods. 3. Wooden triangle teether from Little Sapling Toys. 4. Crystal Pinata from Prospect Goods. 5. Wooden Crystal Nursery from artist Matthew Koons. 6. Rough diamond pendant light from Ben-Tovim Design. 7. Scoop Tall Boy drawers from Lilly & Lolly. 8. DIY Paper Gems by Happy Mundane. 9. Geometric pillow from I Am Christina Bot. 10. Mr X pillow in peach from Pony Rider. 11. Pentagon dipped side table from Plum & Bow. 12. Indiana cot blanket from Uimi. 13. DIY wooden paperweight by Curbly. 14. Geometric storage box from Adonde. 15. Echo toddler bed from Kalon.

20 May 2014

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