Party for a Super Hero

If your little one is destined to save the world and loves to wear their undies on the outside, they are definitely a candidate for a Super Hero birthday party. And we can’t find one much cuter than this very special day thrown for a very special little six-year-old by The Tortise and the Hare...

We are very fond of the beautiful pastel colourings and the feminine touch that the handmade doilies and buntings bring to the occasion. But our favourite part has to be the clever little invitation, featuring an amazing self-portrait for Ms E herself.

Sporting her brilliant paisley lined caped and ferociously charming red felt eye mask, we think Ms Ellie is fit to keep any city safe from baddies and crooks.

Check out the full Supergirl party over at The Tortise and the Hare.

08 Feb 2014

Beach party

If your little one loves hitting the beach for afternoons full of sandcastles, shoulder rides and wave riding, they will no doubt love a beach theme for their next merrymaking. This beautiful arrangement was actually put together for a bridal shower by Real Simple, but we think it makes the perfect centre piece for a kid’s party as well...

A clever combination of waffle castles, homemade lemonade and soft coral accents creates a scene straight out of The Little Mermaid. Now all that is left to plan is a brilliant mermaid tutu dress or shiny sea star costume for your little one.

23 Jan 2014

Geometric Fox Party

When it was time for Thetis, the owner of Sooti Event Styling + Design studio, to plan her daughter Zoe's birthday party, there was no question it was going to be amazing. Melbourne based Sooti who create stylish weddings, marvelous events & awesome occasions, pulled out all the stops for this very special event. The geometric fox theme rocked some serious KAPOW and would have been the envy of all the little people who were lucky enough to attend...

We asked Thetis a few questions about her daughter Zoe's Party...
How did you come up with the fabulous idea of a geometric fox party for Zoe?
I'm a lover of scandinavian design, interiors and the whole minimalist look so I knew that I wanted to do something along those lines, then I just had to brainstorm a cool animal to throw in the mix and after some deliberation, the Fox popped up and it was perfect!!

What little touches do you think make a party perfect?
I think clever little details whether its a simple clever design on the cake to creative party decor and stationery really bring the theme to life.

What was your favourite part of creating this wonderful party?
I loved working with my graphic designer and exploring all the possible designs we could go with which would really be the base of the party and then everything was worked in around the stationery. She did an amazing job!

As a party planner yourself what is the best piece of advise you can give?
I personally like to stick to a simple theme and keep the styling very minimal. I think less is definitely more. And allowing the design to pop out on the cake, desserts and stationery. Also if there is anything else worth mentioning about the party. I had some handmade fox masks made for all the kids, they also did some fox arts and crafts, plus were read a fox themed book at story time.

Thetis shared with us her list of amazing suppliers:
Venue: Petit Atelier
Photography: Lee Bird Photography
Invitation & Stationary: Ham and Pea Design & Paperie
Cake, Cookies and Cupcakes: Kiss My Cakes

29 Nov 2013

Camp Party

We’ve heard of glamping, but this is something else. Party food, tee-pees, campfires and a guitar-playing grizzly bear. You can even hangout under the stars, and all in the comfort of your own home. Welcome to Sully’s Camping Party!

This amazing experience was created by Whitney from the Smith Family for her little boy Sully. And what a lucky boy he is! Whitney doesn't much fancy roughing it, but being the sole girl in the family against three boys she thought she had better come to the table with a compromise.

And compromise she did. There were rugs and sleeping bags laid out in the lounge, dinner that included hot dogs, barbecued chicken and baked beans, an amazing S’mores inspired cake, and toasted marshmallows. We love this idea so much that we are planning to bust it out next time the clouds cover over and the rain tumbles down.

18 Nov 2013

Mountain High

We think every cakey mountain deserves a cute little flag for its summit. These clever creations are made with toothpicks and washi tape. Genius huh? When we stumbled across them on the lovely Swedish site Trendenser it was love at first site.

13 Nov 2013
black and white


Halloween is all about the ghostly not the ghastly. As much as we love the scary season, there are a lot of dodgy Halloween props out there, which is why we were so delighted when we stumbled upon this adorable printable Halloween party set from Mer Mag...

Though there will always be a place for fluro orange pumpkins, plastic spiders and metre upon metre of fake cobwebbing, it's always nice when you discover Halloween decorations that are fun but look good too.

Mer Mag have cleverly created a simple and stylish printable series that will see you hosting the coolest fright-party in town.

So if you're planning to get your scare on this Halloween and want to spook up your haunted home, we recommend you check out their 10 page Halloween printable. It’s terrifyingly wonderful.

01 Nov 2013

Air Heads

Liven up your next bash with a crowd of friendly balloon animals. London designer Hector Serrano has created a nifty set of paper accessories that makes it easy-peasy to turn a boring old balloon into a fantastic rhinoceros, koala, chicken, pig, bear or tiger...

Each animal consists of a balloon on a wand, plus pre-cut colour paper features which are attached with sticky pads. The hardest part is finding a cool name for each of your new friends... Grab a set here

04 Oct 2013

Floating cake

These mini-balloon cake toppers are outright adorable and are certain to wow the crowd at your next soirée. Find out how to make them here…it’s much easier than you think.

02 Oct 2013

Party in a Jar

Throw a party for anyone, anywhere, anytime with this clever little Party in a Jar from Acme. Each mason jar contains a cute woollen felt crown, a biodegradable extra-large balloon, a natural beeswax candle and recycled paper confetti. Everything you need to make the perfect birthday for a faraway friend.

17 Sep 2013

A Party of Dots

A party filled with spots and dots is party filled with smiling tots. We have found all of our favourite Black & White Spotty party supplies to make the perfect dotty celebration...

1. Create your own Polka Dot Paper Lanterns using Ikea Regolit and this DIY from Scrap Hacker. 2. Send a party with this great birthday crown gift set from A Little Paper Crown. 3. Colette Bream Linen Party Hat. 4. Black Polka Dot Candy Cup from My Little Love. 5. Wally's Polka Dot Dessert Plates. 6. Get the party started with this great Party Time Banner from Impress. 7. Biodegradable Balloons from Polka Dot Market. 8. Party On Tiny Dot Cupcake Wrappers. 9. Choose your polka dot colours with My m&m's. 10. Black Dot Party Cups from Shop Sweet Lulu. 11. Paper and Present Polka Dot Paper Straws. 12. Create the perfect polka dotted party bags with these favor bags from The Party Fairy.

28 May 2013
spots and dots