The Woodland Explorer

We can see many an adventure being played out in this gorgeous Woodland Room. Once the lights go down and the fire has reduced to few smouldering embers, we predict the bear, the badger, the stag and the beautiful Swedish forest all coming to life while the brave little explorer tells stories under the dark night sky...

He’d have lots to discuss… like where he had been, who he had met and what battles he had won. They’d swap stories all night and eat walnuts by the fire. Yes that is precisely what happens in this Woodland Explorer themed room.

Created by Bobby Rabbit for a very special little explorer called Jayan, the entire vision was inspired by the remarkable ‘Into the Wild’ wallpaper from Hibou Home that you can see perched proudly above the fireplace.

The room was then accessorised with some of our other favourite brands to bring the great outdoors, indoors. To name just a few, there are gorgeous prints from Seventy Tree; bedding from By Nord; and cushions from Fine Little Day and This Modern Life.

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All images courtesy of Bobby Rabbit.