Stylemaker - OmamiMini

OmamiMini creates children's clothes that are stylish, sophisticated and impeccably made. Combining simple colours with striking prints, they've produced a collection of styles that are as appealing to adults as they are to children...

OmamiMini's focus on simple design that is both aesthetically pleasing and user friendly, means their clothes not only look great but are built to sustain everything your child might throw at them.

We asked OmamiMini's Ola a few questions about what inspires her...
What is the idea behind OmamiMini and how did it start?
Four years ago, when my daughter was born, one of my biggest issues (aside from lack of sleep!) was that I couldn't find clothes for her that I really liked. Something minimal, stylish, yet comfortable and not too pink.

My favourite colour is grey, I love all things simple and clean and just couldn't figure why children's clothes aesthetic should be any different from what I'd buy for myself. I teamed up with a friend who is a genius graphic designer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY and it's worked out great.

Where are you based?
Sunny Los Angeles, CA. Everything is designed and manufactured here.

What is your background?
I have a degree in product design, but for a while I was more interested in design theory and trends, so I started a blog and wrote for several magazines as well, including Elle Decor and Interni. I also curated design exhibitions and worked as a buyer for design boutiques.

What do you love most about designing childrenswear?
The fact I can dress my daughter exactly the way I want!

What inspires you?
Generally I think inspiration comes from very unexpected places - it can be light colours of some freshly baked cookies or pattern I see on vintage floor tiles. Our upcoming FW collection will be the first to include boys' line and I was greatly inspired by my husband's sense of style. He's the best dressed man I know - always uber cool, even when most casual.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was 3 my parents and I wrote our wishes (well, my mom wrote mine for me) and sealed them for 10 years. One of them, as I discovered later to my complete surprise, was to sell ice cream for a living. By the time I was 13 I didn't really want to become anything. I just wanted to have a bunch of cute, cuddly exotic animals and dress nicely.

If you were a kid in LA, where is the first place you'd go?
LA is such a wonderland for kids, all the parks, the pony rides, the Zoo, Noah Arc at Skirball is amazing, but the first place you want to go as a kid is probably the beach. Just run around carefree.

What was your favourite thing to wear when you were little?
I hated most of my own clothes, they were all too childish, too bulky, or too itchy. But I loved playing dress-up with my mom's clothes. She used to have a seamstress who made some really amazing outfits for her and being the awesome mom that she is, she absolutely didn't mind me taking over her wardrobe.

If OmamiMini were to design the ultimate treehouse, what would it look like?

27 May 2014