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Snow Wrapping Paper

It might be cold outside but your thoughtful gift will be snug as a bug all wrapped up in this gorgeous wrapping paper from Mr Printables. Falling snowflakes are so dreamy and make the perfect DIY wrapping series for the festive season. The free download file includes 3 shades of printable wrapping papers for easy printing on plain white paper. Head over to Mr Printables now and start wrapping.

08 Dec 2015 snowchristmascraftsmr printablesprintables [comment_count]

DIY Colour Cards

This goes with that and that goes with this. Yes that is the name of the game with these genius Overlay Play cards from Mr Printables. Lay spots over dots, mix and match colours and create totally new abstract shapes… the options are endless with this simple yet highly addictive DIY project from our friends at Mr Printables...

09 Jul 2015 craftsart and designcolourpop [comment_count]

Pom Pom Eyes

Forgot photobombing, Eyebombing is what_we_be_talkin’ bout! Hang them on kettles, pots, plants, bikes or balls, there is no object too plain to bring to life with a fluffy set of googly ones... If you like the look of these fun filled pom poms as much as we do, head over to Mr Printables to find out how to get started.

03 Jul 2015 popcraftspom pomsmr printables [comment_count]

Geometric Decorations

Decorating the Christmas tree is so much more rewarding when you shower it in ornaments that you and the kids have made. Plus it will also look wayyyyyy cooler than a tree choking to death under a python of tinsel...

22 Dec 2014 christmascraftsDIY [comment_count]

DIY Beetle Box

These fun party favors are perfect for little explorers who love beetles, bugs and creep-crawlies. Pack them with sweet treats and when they all disappear the cute boxes make the perfect home for a new ladybird friend. Get the free downloadable printable from our friends at Mr Printables.

17 Oct 2014 bugs & butterfliesprintablescraftsparties [comment_count]