A Mansion on the Moon

If we were to live on the moon, we can think of no better abode than this humble little home from Boomini. Spacious, light and airy and finished with exquisite Scandinavian furnishings and fittings, we are ready to sign the lease and move in right now...

Seemingly backless and seemingly frontless, this gorgeous playhouse has modular and transparent design making it ideal for several children to play with at onceā€¦an important consideration for a world where countless pool parties, love stories and wardrobe fiascos can unfold at once.

The house, and much of the furniture inside, is made from certified plywood and painted with delightful pastel watercolours, while the upholstered items are made with divine woollen felt.

Beautiful and aesthetic, a Boomini house is the only home for a modern doll.

02 Jul 2014