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Moss + Wilds Bunny Bonnet - Bone Gingham

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A cosy unisex bonnet made from the softest muslin. Breathable for warmer weather, the gingham Bunny bonnet is perfect for every season and every child!

100% linen

Lovingly handmade in New Zealand

Handwash only, warm iron. 

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Timeless baby bonnets and accessories, lovingly handmade from vintage and sustainable textiles, right here in New Zealand.

Moss + Wilds use only the gentlest natural fibres and fabrics in their bonnets - for both your precious baby and the Earth. "Pre-loved and vintage textiles are often our go-to, and when we must buy new we are sure to only use high quality, eco-friendly (and skin-friendly!) cottons, linens and wools."

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