Slumberkins Ibex Board Book - Emotional Courage

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The story of Ibex gives children the courage to embrace their deep feelings and see them as a gift to create strong leaders. Young Ibex is born with a big open heart and often feels the pain of the world when things go wrong. Instead of hardening his heart, Ibex learns how to access resilience and do the right thing even when it is hard to do.  In contrast to the 'tough guy' model, Ibex teaches little ones that having the emotional courage to accept your feelings and the feelings of others is true strength. 

Make the cherished bedtime routine even more special with the Slumberkins skill-building, original Sleepytime Rhymes. Each Slumberkin is created with a unique theme and promotes attachment and positive life skills through interactive rhyming stories.   

Sleepytime Rhymes are a creative collaboration of educational and therapeutic concepts brought to Slumberkins by Callie and Kelly’s unique educational backgrounds. Therapeutic concepts were infused into creative rhyming stories to promote relaxation and self esteem in children. Sleepytime Rhymes include techniques from progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness, bibliotherapy, and positive affirmations.
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