Little Gatherer is looking for Little Ambassadors! We are opening applications for Instagram brand advocates, we will be selecting a limited amount of people per year and will be working with new brand advocates on a monthly basis.

Anyone can apply to become a brand advocate. This is a great opportunity for existing and new customers to be a part of our journey to grow the Little Gatherer family. Usually people who apply to become a brand advocate are familiar with or are very interested in trying our products and are passionate about our store. Ideally, our ambassadors are enthusiastic about all things kids and are committed to contributing this love to our community!

We believe this is a fun and authentic way to expand Little Gatherer and get to know our brand advocates as more than “just a customer”.


  • Brand Advocate term lasts 30 days.
  • Your IG account will need to be public.
  • Receive exclusive discounts or store credit to purchase from our store.



When collaborating with Little Gatherer we have expectations set that we will discuss with our Little Ambassadors.

Expectations may include;

  • Creating brand related content featuring merchandise from Little Gatherer around 1-2 x a week. This can be photos, videos or mentions across your social media accounts (primarily Instagram).
  • When mentioning Little Gatherer you must tag @littlegatherer and/or include links to our website or social media accounts (whichever is applicable to the content you have created)
  • Engage with us on social media regularly (like, comment, share posts of interest to you and your followers).
  • You should take clear, high quality images and agree to the use of your photos across our social media/website (any images used on social media will be credited to you – a great way to boost your following!)
  • Your social media must remain public during your term as a Little Ambassador.
  • You agree not to abuse your discount or store credit on purchases (e.g. buying items for others or with the intent to resell etc.)



We are currently accepting applications worldwide! Our team will review each application and reach out to the candidates we feel will fit best with our community.

If you love Little Gatherer and want to join our team, please submit your application to

Please note that we receive lots of applications so it can take us a while to reply.