Happy Little People

Happy Little People Card Deck: The Second Year


Play. Connect. Learn. Grow. 

52 creative games for baby's first year of life. 

Use these beautiful cards to inspire fun and connection between you and your tiny little human.

Helps mamas & papas combat baby brain!

Meaningful, development-promoting and bonding activities to enhance baby's awake time.

Developmental Benefits: Creativity & Curiosity, Fine & Gross Motor Skills, Language, Social & Emotional Skills, Cognitive development, Independent Play

 Happy Little People: The Second Year gives you 52 stimulating activities that are designed to bring out the best of learning and development. All in a handy poker-sized card deck (or digital download).

Suitable for bubbas aged 12 to 24 months (and beyond), use these cards to fill your day with inspiring play — and hopefully wear your little one out! 

These milestone-based activities are super easy to use, just choose a card from your little one's age category. Then, set up in no time using everyday items from around your home. No special equipment needed! 

  • 52 creative games & activities for babies aged 12-24 months
  • Card deck measures 6.5 x 9 x 2 cm (2.5 x 3.5 x 3/4")

A truly unique baby shower gift, or gift for new parents. 

Beautifully designed and printed on premium card stock. Each poker-sized deck includes

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