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Sticker Pics is a super easy crafting activity that you can take anywhere because there is no mess.

Simply select a face sheet, choose some stickers and design your own funny, silly or crazy face. With eight template faces to choose and three sheets of full colour, easy to use PVC stickers - it won't be long before you've designed some very funny faces. Wacky moustaches, strange noses and pieces of fruit! No rules, anything goes!

Seriously too much fun! Designed for easy portable play, the compact Sticker Pics packs are a must-have item for when mum and dad need some time out at the cafe. Perfect for keeping little hands busy when travelling, they also make a great birthday gift for school friends too!

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Product Details

Each set contains:

  • 8 colour templates
  • 2 sheets of PVC colour stickers  

    Recommended Age

    Age 3years +

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