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& Sunday Oversized Adult Float - Manuka Floral

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The prettiest pool floats!

This fun, chic and simple design will not only give your pool a makeover but will also keep you all entertained for hours. Endless summer fun.

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Product Details

  • DOUBLE ACTION VALVES - & Sunday use only the best double action valves which make our pool tubes super easy and quick to inflate and deflate....no need to squash them down! They deflate without any effort.


  • THICKER PVC - The luxe floats are constructed from thicker (we haven't found any thicker) non toxic environmentally friendly PVC for a longer lasting float.


  • ORIGINAL DESIGNS - All of their floats are their own original designs which have been influenced by home styling and current trends. Each summer we strive to create newness and that must have new summer collection.


Recommended Age

  • Oversized float Pool tubes aren't just for kids to enjoy, these oversized floats are 125-130cm in diameter (deflated) making them suitable for 12+ years


-Not a lifesaving device, swimmers only!

-No protection against drowning.

-Do not use in offshore wind or current.

-Do not dive or jump. Do not swim underneath


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