Easter Treat Boxes

These adorable Easter Egg Boxes are the perfect way to get little ones excited for the upcoming arrival of Mr Bunny.

You will need:

  • empty egg carton
  • craft paper
  • glue
  • ribbon or string
  • shredded paper (or craft paper)
  • easter treats to fill your box

How to:

Step 1. Remove the branded stickers from the egg carton.

Step 2. Create your design using paper and/ or stickers. Wrap piece of string around the box and tuck a little wooden toy or treat in for the top of the box.

Step 3. Loosely scrunch a small amount of tissue paper or shredded paper and put in each egg compartment.

Step 4. Add in your Easter treats (I chose Lindt bunnies, candy coated eggs, flowers and small toy).

Step 5. ENJOY!
This adorable craft is brought to us by the lovely Mikayla. A New Zealand based designer and mama to Mila and Hugo. You can see more of her gorgeous account here.

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