Make a Pom Pom Dog!

Pom pom making has become even more delicious with our original wooden donut pom maker. Whether you are wanting to make classic fluffy pom poms or want to branch out with a pom pom thats a little different the Pom Maker is the perfect tool to use! 

The Pom Maker is a very versatile pom pom maker, suitable for all levels. Developed and tested to be your tool of choice – it makes perfect pompoms, feels good to hold and is possibly the sweetest item in a crafter’s tool box!

You can find the whole Pom Maker range here.

And if you love making pompoms then why not try out one of Pom Makers gorgeous Pom Pom Dogs!  Watch the tutorial here or head over to the Pom Maker website for step by step directions. 


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