Make a Pom Pom Bunny!

Hop into Easter crafting with this adorable Pom Pom Bunny! These cute little fellows are the perfect Easter pals to make with your Pom Maker. With adorable little faces and chubby cheeks you and your little ones will have hours of fun with this cute craft.

If you want to give one of these adorable bunnies then follow the video below or head over to Pom Maker for a full how to. 

You can find our gorgeous collection of Pom Maker goodies here, plus we have just added the felting needle to our line up so all you will need to add is the yarn and waxed thread or twine. Or you can also go old school and cut two rounds of card to make the pom pom on. 

And if you love this look of this little bunny then check out the Pom Pom Dog as well. Happy crafting! x


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