Top Ten Gifts to Give this Holiday Season

The gifting season is upon us and to help you shop during this festive season we have pulled together the top ten gifts for your little ones. From stocking stuffers to big gifts, this collection is sure to hours of fun not only on Christmas morning but for years to come.

#1. Connetix Magnetic Tiles

Discover the magic of Connetix Tiles, where children can unleash their creativity while learning through play. With their vibrant colours and versatile building capabilities, Connetix make an exceptional Christmas gift for kids. These magnetic tiles not only captivate children's imagination but also promote essential cognitive skills such as creativity, problem-solving, and spatial awareness. The open-ended nature of Connetix allows kids to construct a myriad of structures, from simple shapes to intricate designs, fostering endless hours of entertainment.

#2. Dolls & Accessories

Dolls make such a lovely Christmas gift, embodying the spirit of joy, imagination, and companionship. These timeless playmates not only engage children in imaginative role-playing but also foster empathy and social skills as they care for their doll. Shop our gorgeous range from Olli Ella, Miniland, and more as well a delightful collection of dolls accessories.

#3. Solvej Swings

Made right here in New Zealand, Solvej Swings make for an exceptional gift for both babies and children alike, offering a perfect blend of versatility and longevity. Designed to cater to both indoor and outdoor settings, this swing is an ideal companion for little ones, providing hours of joy and amusement. Suitable for infants as young as 6 months and adaptable up to 6 years, it ensures a seamless transition as your child grows, making it a gift that truly keeps on giving.

#4. Glo Pals

Glo Pals are an enchanting and innovative gift that brings a splash of magic to bath time for little ones. These water-activated light-up characters not only add a playful element to the nightly routine but also turn bath time into an exciting sensory experience. With their vibrant colours and gentle illumination, Glo Pals captivate children's attention, making the transition to the tub a delightful adventure. The safety-conscious design and BPA-free materials ensure worry-free play.

Gift Glo Pals for a whimsical touch to bath time, providing a unique and joyful experience that turns an everyday activity into a magical moment for the youngest members of the family.

#5. Bikes & Ride Ons

Gifts like balance bikes, trikes, bikes, scooters, and skateboards make fantastic Christmas presents for children, embodying the spirit of active play and outdoor exploration. These gifts not only promote physical fitness but also encourage a sense of balance, coordination, and spatial awareness from a young age.

The thrill of mastering a new skill, whether it's gliding on a skateboard or pedaling a bike, instills a sense of confidence and achievement in children. Additionally, these gifts provide opportunities for family bonding and outdoor adventures, fostering a love for an active lifestyle.

The joy of unwrapping a bike or scooter on Christmas morning opens up a world of outdoor possibilities, ensuring a holiday season filled with laughter, healthy activity, and the building of cherished childhood memories.

#6. Hey Clay

Hey Clay combines the joy of creativity with the tactile satisfaction of molding and shaping colourful clay. This innovative and user-friendly modeling material provides children with a hands-on experience, allowing them to bring their imaginative ideas to life. With a range of vibrant colours and easy-to-follow instructions, Hey Clay sparks the artistic flair in young minds, promoting fine motor skills and creative thinking.

#7. Kidamento Cameras

Kidamento cameras make for an amazing Christmas gift, offering a delightful blend of entertainment and creativity for young minds. These child-friendly cameras are designed to ignite a passion for photography, allowing kids to capture and cherish precious moments in a fun and engaging way. With features tailored for little hands, these cameras encourage exploration, imagination, and a unique perspective on the world.

The joy of unwrapping a Kidamento camera on Christmas morning not only introduces children to the wonders of technology but also fosters skills in observation, storytelling, and composition. It's a gift that not only provides endless entertainment but also nurtures a lifelong love for visual expression, turning ordinary moments into treasured memories.

#8. Natural Play Make Up

Natural play make up is such a fun gift for your little one. Allowing children to explore the world of self expression in a fun, imaginative way, without the use of harsh chemicals or allergens. The vibrant colours and gentle formulations make it an ideal introduction to personal expression and fostering creativity while ensuring parents' peace of mind.

#9. Plan Toys Doll House

A Plan Toys dollhouse is a truly lovely gift, embodying both craftsmanship and eco-consciousness. These meticulously crafted dollhouses are made from sustainable, chemical-free rubberwood, reflecting a commitment to both the well-being of children and the planet. The attention to detail in design and construction creates a miniature world where imagination can flourish, providing endless hours of creative play.

With thoughtfully designed furnishings and a charming aesthetic, a Plan Toys dollhouse is not just a toy but a cherished heirloom that fosters storytelling, social skills, and a love for sustainable living. It's a gift that resonates with warmth, encouraging children to create beautiful memories in a miniature world filled with joy and imagination.

#10. Calm Down Bottles

Calm down bottles make for a lovely gift, especially during the hectic holiday season. Designed to provide a sense of tranquility and relaxation, these bottles offer a calming experience through mesmerising patterns and soothing colours. Whether used as a stress-reliever or a sensory tool, Calm down bottles create a serene atmosphere, promoting mindfulness and well-being. Their versatility makes them a thoughtful and practical gift for anyone seeking moments of peace amidst the holiday hustle.

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