Shop Small Stay Kind

There are a lot of polarising views around small businesses being open during the Covid-19 pandmeic. And this is just my take on it.

There are over 160,000 small businesses in New Zealand accounting for one-third of all businesses, and they are all important contributors to the New Zealand economy. Small businesses are what New Zealand is built on.

A lot of these small businesses are family businesses. Mum's staying up late into the night sewing at the kitchen table. Two best friends who started out with a grand idea and $100 in their back pocket. Sisters who saw the gap in the market to create something beautiful to support people just like them. They are the ones who took a chance to bring an idea to life. They are the businesses that have poured their heart and soul (and most probably their savings) into every inch of what they do. They are the thinkers, the creators, the makers, the little guys, and part of what makes New Zealand so great.

So when I see all the negativity and bullying out there towards small businesses it really breaks my heart and seems incredibly unfair. I can guarantee that 90% of the small businesses out there are not making their decisions right now based on wanting to take advantage of the situation or to make a quick buck. They are not trying to milk the situation or trying to put others at risk. They are just trying to navigate what is the best way forward in this strange new world.

Behind all small businesses are everyday people who are busting their asses off trying to make ends meet, a lot who aren't eligible for government assistance as they haven't been earning a salary or wage from their business, whose partners may have had a pay cut or have even lost their job, and in a lot of cases are now dealing with the very real possibility of their business having to close. So please treat them with kindness.

When all this is over do we want all these creative thinkers, risk takers, underdogs and small businesses to have been stamped out by the big guy. Or do we want to nurture them during this unprecedented time.

We are all in this together and what the world needs now more than ever is for us to be kind.


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