Valentine's Floral Gift Wrapping

I'm sure like us you fell in love with the gorgeous Floral gift wrapping from the amazing Julie from Clever Poppy. So we were very excited when Julie agreed to create a special Valentine's edition just for us! 

We are big fans of beautifully wrapped gifts here at Little Gatherer and this simple wrapping will have your loved ones beaming from ear to ear. And the best bit of all it is SUPER easy to do!  


1. First of all wrap your gifts in a plain paper that you can draw on, so try plain kraft paper (nothing glossy).

2. Use a black marker or pen to draw a basic jar or vase shape onto the front of the wrapping. 

3. Cut some blooms to size, then tape them as if sitting in the vase with some strips of Gift Wrap Tape. What kind is really up to you - have fun with the flower type depending on the occasion. 

4. And ta-da you are done!

Not only do these gifts look so gorgeous once they’re freshly done – they can also look great when the flowers have dried out too! x 

Head over to Clever Poppy for lots more gorgeous craft ideas just like this one!



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