Colourful Fun with Puppets

My name is Chloe Fleury, I am a colour lover, prop stylist/set designer and paper artist based in Los Angeles. I am a mom of two girls, Lula (6) and Anouk (4) who love doing art.
When they see me working in the studio they always ask me when am I done with a piece (paper flower, paper house....anything!) so they can play with it in their room. They are also obsessed with coming into my studio and looking at all the tools and paper I have. They always ask to do craft projects together. Usually I am too tired on the weekends and because I am in the studio all week, and on the weekend I just like to go on adventures, explore nature and Los Angeles.

Since we've been staying at home and all my jobs have been cancelled, I have all the time to focus on my daughters so we are doing a lot of art projects together. Which keeps me sane and busy so I don’t have time to focus on the bad and be anxious. We’re trying to stay happy and positive and surround ourselves with lots of colours and fun!

So far we made a cardboard boat, a cardboard VW van and little dollhouse made out of cereal boxes..... thank you god for cardboard and food packaging! I now keep everything so we can use it for our little projects, and I realised that the more we do, and the more we keep things the more ideas we get. Recycle, recycle!
This week we made little puppets: Anouk decided to make a cat and named her Cleopatra, Lula decided to make a fairy and named her Caramel.

What you need:

- top part of a bottle,

- paper like newspaper or tissue paper or any paper that you get in packages will do!

- Tape: the colour that you want your puppet to be (much easier than doing regular tape and then papier mâché!).

- Fabric for the dress and beads, paper, stickers... anything you'd like to decorate your puppet and make it your own.

1. Cut down the top of a milk bottle to use for the neck and structure of the puppet. Then scrunch up newspaper to create a paper ball in the shape of the head you want to create.
2. Use tape all around to give the head the desired shape and tape it to the bottle. Use cardboard to cut little ears and stick together with the paper ball.
3. You can now either paper machie or use coloured tape to cover whole head.

4. Then with paper cut outs make the eyes, mouth, hair and nose. (these can also be drawn or painted on the face.)

5. For the dress or top cut the same shape twice and sew them together. Adding Cardboard hands if needed.

6. Decorate your puppet: maybe a crown or a hat, a magic wand, a necklace... anything that comes to mind. How about sunglasses? use paper, cardboard, beads, stickers.

Have fun making your own! We can't wait to see yours!
This very fun craft is brought to us by the amazing Chloe Fleury. Originally from France, and now living in California, Chloe is a mom of 2 girls and spends her days transforming flat sheets of paper into three dimensional sculptures and sometimes bringing them to life with stop motion. You can see a collection of her beautiful work here.


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