Create endless fun with Raduga Grez Handmade Wooden Toys!

Raduga Grez creates beautiful hand-made wooden toys for children of all ages. With a focus on interactive learning and the development of motor skills their products can be played with in so many different ways allowing for hours of endless fun!

With an emphasis on getting back to the basics and being environmentally conscious, Raduga Grez believes that minimalism is an important and useful tool for children to learn about.

In our busy lives it is so easy to become overwhelmed so it is important to discover ways to combat this, allowing us to enjoy the little things in life. Raduga Grez suggest that a way to make life a little easier is to limit the choices you have to make in a day, in doing this it is easier to make decisions and encourages creative thinking - something we believe everyone should do more of.

For a child having lots of toys to choose from may mean they concentrate less on what they are learning while playing, by using a small set of toys it allows the child to concentrate on each toy and distribute their attention, this can lead to more independent play for longer periods of time.

Implementing a minimalist approach has many benefits for families, we've listed a few that we have found to be particularly important.

  • Reducing feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Teaching the importance of valuing your items
  • Creates an easy to clean and organised play area

    Some of our favourite toys have to be the Rainbow Stacker and Apartment Building Blocks. These handcrafted toys are also painted in the most beautiful tones making them as loved in the toy box as they are displayed on a shelf. 

    You can shop our beautiful Raduga Grez collection here.

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