Ocean Kids - The Newest Collection from Mrs Mighetto

The newest collection from Mrs Mighetto - 'Ocean Kids' takes us on a journey filled with wonderful characters and beautiful moments. Staying true to their whimsical story telling roots the collection is packed full of beautiful prints and accessories that are sure to add some magic to your little ones walls.

"Through cotton wool clouds, over towering mountaintops, past coastal beaches and their rippled waves. Where the air is crisp and fresh, like breathing through an ice mask. The water seems endless, like looking through a tunnel with no end."

As always Mrs Mighetto brings a magical tale filled with characters to this new collection. Created by Malin and Anna this brand creates beautiful original watercolour paintings that are packed full of fantasy, history, mystery and colour.

Each beautiful character has its own name and personality... Miss Rose can breathe underwater while Mr Fred can stop time! 

As with every range numbers are limited and once sold out, their gorgeous prints are gone forever, never coming back! If you spy something you like then we suggest you jump on it straight away!

You can shop the whole Mrs Mighetto range here. 

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