Talking Rocks

These talking rocks are a beautiful activity to introduce into your family routine. A lovely variation on the "talking stick" whoever holds the rock has their turn to speak. Everyone else listens and can't ask questions or interrupt until they are finished.
The talking rock gives children the chance to voice their feelings, thoughts or worries with the family or one on one. It gives them time to formulate what they are wanting to say and a chance to share without feeling rushed.
You will need:
  • Small rocks
  • Hot glue gun
  • Dried flowers
  • White paint
  • Black marker

Step 1. Collect your rocks and paint a small white circle or other shape in the middle and wait for it to dry.

Step 2. Choose your flowers and use the hot glue gun to stick them on.

Step 3. Using the marker, add any details you want. Eg. little face, names or patterns.
This adorable craft is brought to us by the lovely Mikayla and her seven year old daughter Mila. Mikayla is a New Zealand based designer and mama to Mila and Hugo. You can see more of her gorgeous account here.

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